TV Documentary Work

During the last 5 Years or so i've completed a number of TV soundtrack projects. Featuring original soundtrack Composition and the utilizations of my extensive back catalogue, all of them have been collaborations with the Director Kate Taunton.

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Here is a list of programs i've provided original music for, all of them have been directed by Kate Taunton:

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Film Title

Nov 2008

Mental Health Film
News reports for Channel 4 News, produced by Minnow Films
June 2008

The British Voices Trilogy:

1. Drugs and The Young

2. The Working Poor

3. Alcohols Fatal Legacy

News Reports for Channel 4 News, produced by Minnow Films comprising:

Watch them here:Channel 4 news

Jan 2008
Shoeshine Stories

3 Minute Wonders, 4 x 3 minutes films produced by Minnow Films

Shoeshine channel 4 blog

BabyFaced Bodybuilders
Documentary for BBC 3 Produced by BBC
Holloway Hairdo

Documentary for DFG Films commissioned by ITV London as part of the Reel London Series, Nominated for a RTS Award

Holloway at DFG

Dancing Lessons from God
M.A Project Documentary