Tesselate Review

Tar File Junction

The ever loyal AI man Yellotone, returns to the forefront with a first full length release. "Gail force porter" mixes it up with what sounds like a news report into an attack that smoothly dissolves and splashes itself into the wavy like soundwave of acoustic guitar and synthetic plodding ice cubes giving off lashings of bass. Blending together the classic Yellotone acoustic electric sound with more hectic breakbeat style pulses and rich rich sounds, this track is an excellent opener. "Crunk" dips you halfway into a thick black and white liquid, that seems to be a mixture of oil and chalk, which the resident robots absolutely love to swim around in. Foam like squidgy beats laced with vocal cuthashes tap you on the eyes as water encrusted jewels split into sections by a reverberating bassline, infect your head and take control, whilst "Witterin" reminds me of the ending soundtrack to fun filled adventure through ricochet land, it definetly is all good.

Crystal clarity and marzipan droplets crash all around you, in the glorious opening to "Sinking spring farm". Now forced into a corner by the sugar laden goodness, your only escape route is to climb up and over this marauding, fuzz beat spitting army and escape to the green sun in the distance. One of those tracks which has to have a background to it, it leaks atmosphere from every tiny machine drilled pore on its body, and is pure Yellotone through and through.

"Funk inlet" has you spinning around like a bouncing bomb trapped inside a die, for the entire 21 seconds of its existence. Heheh its robot acid 16bt time, what is that 'tone upto, welcome to "Grenade Hams". Yet another window in the Yellotone book opens up, as you are now kicked in the shins and armpits by a huge crushing bassline, which is fresh off the battlefield, and I tell you what, he has kicked some droid ass today. The evil son of Arkanoid marrying the stunning daughter of R-Type, and taking her on a road trip into oblivion. Harmonicatronics to the max. Amazing. "Quench" takes a giant step towards the pulsing cube, using its gargantuan fabric legs as some kind of leverage, in this plasticised world. Double bass murmurings and guitar strums, glide along effortlessly with the circular shaped faces, that have rolled over to see what all the fuzz is about. Memory soundtracks for all those marbles you lost as a kid.

Yellotone for me on this album has taken it up a level. Its one of those albums that has you eagerly awaiting the next track, whilst you bounce up and down to the present one, just because you know its going to be unique, and open doors in your small flesh head that others dont. Richness, depth, and programming excellence all in one super high standard package. I cannot recommend you get this enough, a classic in the making, truly superb. Hats off to you Mr Yellotone.