Matt Defence

The Case For...

Hailing from the grim, grey expanse known as Croydon, Matt Defence existed on a steady diet of punk-rock and jelly beans. He grew enamoured with the grimey lo-fi perfection of the cassette four track. Using budget equipment Defence started out on his journey of engineering geekery, always seeking out new ways of breaking the sounds he loved. As the years wore on he became aware of the beauty of hip-hop and electronica, grew in skill and started making tunes with various like-minded family members and friends. Squish-heads was formed, a band centred on finding new, original music with a general attitude of ‘If it sounds good, do it’. Along with Dirrty, the Reverend Rufus and Poot, they started recording on a regular basis, sharing instruments and using any effects they could get their hands on. As well as playing, Defence soon became the chief engineer and producer for the band, shaping their increasingly unusual rough jams into coherent tunes. Always willing to work with like-minded individuals, Defense also did some gigs playing bass with Tim Baldwin on drums in an experimental live drum and bass project and some poetry/music collaborations with Squish-heads member the Reverend Rufus, AKA Andy Spragg.

After a handfull of gigs Squish-heads grew further and further apart geographically but kept collaborating as well as working on solo material. Having discovered the value of computers in music and becoming addicted to the idea of the sample, Defence is prolific in his output of tunes of a wide variety. Keen to utilize different skills picked up from extensive listening of different genres, Defence is usually to be found in his home studio finding new ways to mangle instruments and home-grown samples into songs.

Having discovered a like-minded friend in Yellotone after meeting at their library day-job, conversations involving making music naturally evolved into Mr Tone inviting Defence to play bass for his band at the launch night of the album Executive Timber. The Attorneys was born. Going on to perform countless gigs, Defence started using his skills on the sampler to pull off some of the more eletronic elements of the Yellotone sound.

Still recording solo material under a variety of names and still working closely with Dirrty, and loosely with the other Squish-heads, new tunes are constantly being created.