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Hollway Hairdo

30 Minute Film for ITV London (2007)

A slice of life inside Holloway Prison's very own hair salon A warm and witty glimpse at the women inside Britain's most notorious women's prison. The prisoners come to the salon to learn a trade, get a hair-cut and have a chat: a respite from the harsh reality of prison life.Prison officer and hairdresser, Brenda, runs a professional service, doling out advice and guidance along the way. We meet some of her customers: car thieves, muggers, drug-dealers and fraudsters, as they come by for a wash, cut and blow-dry.

This Program was normintated for an RTS Award, here's what the producers DFG had to say:

DFG Films

In the shadow of the bigger and glitzier Oscars, the RTS programme award nominations were announced on Friday. Up for an award in the category of Nations & Regions Programme is Holloway Hairdo, directed by Kate Taunton and produced by DFG Films.The programme was produced for the Reel London series, for ITV London in association with Film London. The series is a initiative for emergent documentary filmmakers, offering filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways.Other films in the series last year were Jes Benstock's The Man with the Extended Mind, and Ben Roy's A Song for London.

Holloway Hairdo pays a visit to the beauty salon at Holloway Prison, the all-female prison in north London. The inmates gather to be pampered and to gossip, under the kindly authority of Brenda, the manager. Following its screening at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in November, the programme was aired on ITV London late last year. <