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Channel 4 News Reports:

Nov 2008 - Mental Health Film-News reports for Channel 4 News, produced by Minnow Films

Mental Health channel 4

June 2008 - The British Voices Trilogy: News Reports for Channel 4 News, produced by Minnow Films comprising:

1.Drugs and the Young (Feb 08)

The first features three young people who talk with great honesty about their experiences and attitudes to drugs - this was broadcast in February as part of the programme's series of films which marked the launch of the Government's 10 year drugs' strategy.

2.The Working Poor (June 08)

The second tells the story of three families struggling to stay above the poverty line in the face of reduced benefits and rising prices. This was broadcast in June as part of the programmes Is Poverty History? season

3.Alchols Fatal Legacy (June 08)

The third looks at the growing problem of teenage alcohol abuse through the lives of three young people. One of whom, Stacey, died of liver disease during the making of the film. This was also broadcast in June.

Watch them here:Channel 4 news