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another new tune for 2014.

yellotone - Janbb. A new tune for 2014.

Yellotone - Crunk, from Tar File Junction 2004 cuts by Buddy Peace

Yellotone ,Steel Sex,

a new tune for you:

A taster of what we've been recording as a band. A mix of a tune called Teins.

Teins by yellotone

Thursday 11th is the broadcast date for a Radio documentary 4 I contributed to.

The Art Of Water Music explores "the complex relationship between water and music"
Its presented by Midge Ure and Midge came round my house to interview me for it which was fun. He was a nice guy and after explaining what I did we had a small jam. The Programme features a tune Water calapso, a shortened portion of which you can hear below. This was part of a small selection of tunes I made from samples of water that hopefully will be available soon. Water Calapso was made from sounds of water I recorded around the house including drips, flushes and the washing up. Some of the sounds I recreated using different sampling techniques so I could manipulate them in new ways so if your partial to some granular ....

The programme is 'choice' in the Radio Times, Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Observer and Times this weekend. The Radio Times described it as 'never less than fascinating stuff'.

Art of Water Music Infomation

Water Calapso

Water calapso Radio 4 edit by yellotone

Mid Session Interval Part 2

Ok kids, here is part 2 of the Mid Session Interval EP. This zip file contains 3 of tunes to take it up to 7.

Mid Session Interval part 2 Click on the title to download the zip file

mid session interval

Mid Session Interval

In case you missed it, Mid Session Interval Part 1. These are the first 4 tunes.

Mid Session Interval Click on the title to download the zip file



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